Communism is NOT dead!

This is a disturbing report out of the July 31, 2004 edition of the Asia Times, linked via the libertarian website

There is a growing coalition of Maoist Communist rebels in several poor regions in India. They have, like others of their ilk, taken over the hinterlands of several Indian states, ruling them as "shadow governments". They collect taxes, terrorize small businessmen and clash with the police when they wished. They recent began contact and links with other Maoist Communist groups throughout the Indian Sub-Continent, as well as the mostly tiny fellow Maoist parties globally.

Police and local politicians, according to the Asia Times report, are butting heads over what to do regarding the Maoist rebels, some wanting to crush them, others wanting to open peace talks with them.

Those folks who believe the lie that "Communism is dead" and "the Cold War is over" are in the wrong. The bloody beast of Marxism-Leninism is still alive, and is making gains still. The Indian hinterlands and the poor areas of Nepal are just the latest of their newly-added territories.

Do not be lulled into complacency! The Reds are still as much a threat to freedom as is the radical Islamists, multinational conglomerates, the UN and their supporters, and the promoters of the Sexual Revolution. The more our sad, sad world knows about Distributism and puts it into practice, the less we will see of these troubles. It is not a cure-all for all the world's problems, but it will help to alleviate many of them.


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