What's Hellman's(tm) Game?

I have to wonder if Hellman's(tm) is trying to cash in on the Local Food trend, and the broader movement towards a rational food system.

See the video here.

I love it - it's a great, thoughtful video, and hits the really big, really important points. But why is a multinational like Unilever(tm) saying it? I mean, they bear personal- well, as personal as a multinational corporation can be- responsibility for the disastrous trends outlined in the advertisement.

Is there anyone else who sees the remarkable irony here? One poster on YouTube(tm) said it well... kinda like the Devil selling air conditioners. My goodness.

pax, caritas, et bonum


Mike Sunday, June 6, 2010 at 10:27:00 AM CDT  

My wife and I signed up for a plot in our community garden a couple of years ago. Hellmans sponsored a couple of plots and held an essay contest. My wife won the contest and so we got the plot along with a gardening kit and a lot of mayonaise.
I hadn't thought of the duplicity at the time so thanks for the note.

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