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I make a good faith effort to buy as locally as I can when it's time to make a purchase. My husband and I recently bought an older home, and we find it is time to make several purchases. The sad thing I encounter, again and again, is just how hard it is to choose a locally produced item. Often, the item is not labeled, and clerks are not clear on the item's provenance. Also, increasingly- there simply is no local alternative. But I've found that the looking can be half the pleasure.

In my searching, I've used this site to find products that are at least USA-made:

Still Made in the USA

Every time I go there, I wind down the most delightful rabbit holes, and often find just what I'm in the market for. She does quite a bit of research, and keeps the site regularly updated with breaking news on industry changes. She blogs here.

(I should probably tell her about the beautiful wood flooring I discovered that is made in Michigan from Michigan wood, by Chelsea Plank Flooring in the lovely small town of Chelsea, MI.)

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Dolorosa Saturday, May 22, 2010 at 12:20:00 AM CDT  

It's definitely not easy having to look at everything you buy to see if it's made in the USA. They even trick you if your not careful. I bought scotties tissues in the dollar store that said Made in the USA but right next to it in smaller letters it's written: made with foreign and domestic materials. I had ignored the smaller print. So I bought them and noticed I was coughing after using the tissues and read the box again. So I don't even know where these tissues were made but I won't buy them again.

Mark Noonan Saturday, May 22, 2010 at 3:54:00 PM CDT  

Thank you very much for this - the belt I currently use was the result of a diligent, weeks-long search for one made in the USA. Almost all of them in stores are currently made in China - as if we don't kill cows in the United States, don't have leather and can't figure out how to make a belt!

This website will go a long way towards my desire to only buy American made goods - and anything missing will only be purchased from poorer nations not governed by tyrannical regimes.

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