The Red Tories in Washington

And Philadelphia. Previously, I had written about Phillip Blond and the Red Tories. Thanks to the efforts of the folks at the Front Porch Republic and others, Phillip Blond will be speaking at Georgetown University on March 18, and Villanova on March 22. And he will have an all-star cast to comment on his work: Andrew Abela, John Milbank, Ross Douthat, Rod Dreher, Patrick Deneen, and Daniel McCarthy. These should be first rate events. I wish I could go myself, but I hope some readers of this review will go and give us all a report. More details on the event click here.
Phillip runs an excellent "think tank" ResPublica, which has it own blog, The Disraeli Room.


Westcountryman Saturday, March 13, 2010 at 7:07:00 PM CST  

You know I have never heard of this Phillip Blond or of the Red Tories/ progressive conservatism, perhaps ill-advised names, and I'm British. They sound very interesting in my opinion, anyone who can link Chesterbelloc and Disraeli(and therefore Burke.) so well is interesting in my opinion.

Donnie Tuesday, March 16, 2010 at 6:14:00 AM CDT  

This is completely off-topic but I respect this forum's overall opinion on things. has started a new series called CIA (Catholic Investigative Agency), bear with me, that gives a history of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. If anyone has seen it, could you give a quick comment? It's a bit long, but a lot of interesting info is brought up pretty early on.

Anonymous,  Monday, March 22, 2010 at 11:21:00 PM CDT  

I've seen it and think it's a long overdue, hard hitting analysis of the phony baloney "peace & justice" crowd at the CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Helping Democrats) that that has and continues to shower money on "community organizing" groups (like 8 million to ACORN) that are in direct opposition to the Church's mission and teachings and absorbs much of the USCCB payroll.

It's an excellent documentary that explains in great detail how 50 years of infiltration of the hierarchy by dissenters and Alinsky groups have done so much damage to the faith in the name of "social justice" that "Pro-Life Democrat" has become an oxymoron, as evidenced by the fact that 94% of "Catholic" Democrats voted for Obamacare despite it's assault on life. In short - it's a documentary on how we have arrived at the Gospel according to Pelosi. Maybe one of the contributors will watch it and write up a review.

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