Meek & Mild vs. Toughies

Where is President Barack Obama's economic Recovery team?
The simple answers
Summary of J.W. Smith's one hour presentation at the United Nations General Assembly Hall 03/05/2009, providing those answers
UNIS-UN International Students Conference Fast forward 70 minutes
Those Simple Answers are in 168 bold faced words below

Visualize a fertile valley 10,000 years ago with fruits, nuts and vegetables growing wild along with lush thatch for building shelters. The new settlers have only to pick their food, build their thatch homes, and, once that home is built, relax most the day.
A cunning cabal form and each lay claim to a part of the land. They make a pact with toughies that they will share the spoils if they protect their unequal and unjust “property rights.” The meek, mild, and law abiding now have to share the food they pick with those “owners,” have to build their houses, and provide any and all other services.
The primary cause of poverty among plenty is uncovered. Those cunning go on to claim their unearned wealth on through history and those are the property rights laws, as applied to nature’s resources and technologies, denying others their rightful share of what nature offers to all for free, that is in place today.
This exposes most current finance capital as unearned wealth. In the thesis below, note how, even as taxes disappear and honest capitalism is fully retained, those rental values paid to ourselves will fully fund all social services currently starved for funds.
The economic thesis to eliminate this unequal economic structure created by many many cabals over the centuries, and they claiming your and my wealth yet today, can be summarized in these 168 words:

By paying land (resource) rents to ourselves, meaning socially collected, a citizenry is quintuply repaid through those massive funds building roads, railroads, water systems, sewer systems, and electric grids (any natural monopoly) as well as fund governments, provide education, health care and retirement. Infrastructure and population, not capitalists, establish the use-value of land and resources and their rental values fund those same required infrastructures as well as essential social services (the community process). Restructure to the just described honest capitalism and taxes disappear as your employed working hours drop by half and all enjoy a quality, secure, life. This requires sharing the remaining “productive” jobs and equal pay for equally productive labor. Each region of the world, each nation, each region of a nation, each state, each county, each community, and each entrepreneur must have equal rights to their share of both created and saved finance capital (created money and savings). With those rights, entrepreneurs (private industry), will fill every niche within the production-distribution process.

You can follow those flows of money and commerce within this efficient economy in your head. Both the community process operating those natural monopolies and efficient private industry producing consumer products and services are fully visible.
Both taxes and poverty disappear even as our employed working hours drop by half and the pressures on our resources and the environment are alleviated roughly to the same degree. Over half our labors and resources are wasted within the superstructures operating those monopolies we are told do not exist.
The two books below that tell this story were started five years ago under the assumption this financial crash was coming. Both demonstrate how easy it would be to stop this crash in its tracks by pouring created money at the real economy, that is you and me if we are unemployed, and restructure the economy as outlined in this thesis.
Currently trillions are being poured at the very people who created this crisis while the real economy is left to fend for itself and that may fail. The answers are simple. Where is President Barack Obama’s economic recovery team?
Thank you. The Institute for Economic Democracy
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Economic Democracy: A Grand Strategy for World Peace and Prosperity ($35, 2009 edition) and Money: A Mirror Image of the Economy. ($32, 2009 edition) by J.W. Smith, can be ordered from any bookstore or Signed copies, each 30% off (plus $5 S&H) if ordered from the address below. Thank you.

For Book Reviews, the manuscripts are at: Economic Democracy: A Grand Strategy for World Peace and Prosperity and Money: A Mirror Image of the Economy

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