Monday afternoon, the US House barely voted to reject the so-called Bailout Bill. The opposition got 228 votes, while the supporters got 205.

Thanks to you and millions of others like you across the country, this economic travesty was defeated.


The same Congressional leaders who crafted this nightmare have vowed to work on it again, and bring it to a vote this Thursday. They will still try to give over $700 billion to the Wall Street bankers, freely admitting that this injection of money may not fix things.

So we have won a victory but the war still goes on.

From the pro-globalist CNN, Libertarian economist Jeffrey A. Miron wrote an opinion piece that says the banks in trouble should declare bankruptcy, not get a government bailout. You may read his piece HERE.

And former Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty website has the lists of those who voted for and against. Go HERE to find out how your Congressman voted.

Friends and neighbors, we need to keep up the pressure to make sure Congress doesn't approve any giveaway of our hard-earned tax money to the Wall Street globalist elites. We urge you to tell your Congressmen to vote “NO” on any version of the so-called Bailout Bill.

In the meantime, let us thank God in His Mercy for this victory.


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