In the past, the Review published the columns of Devvy Kidd, hard-hitting writer and Constitutionalist. Though she is - alas - not a Distributist, she does believe in many of the things we support in this blog.

Here she writes another great missive on why the current "economic stimulus package" being sent through the American Congress will not be all it is promised to be. The link to her current column is here.

She points out also how it will not really help those now living in one of the "tent cities" starting to pop up now in this country. She visited one near Ontario, California, and it makes for sad reading. She believes it could be the herald of things to come in the near future for Americans.

Let this spur us on to teach those we know about Distributism, especially those running for local office during this election cycle. The insights of Belloc, Chesterton and their legitimate successors can only benefit our communities and America as a whole if put into practice NOW.


Malcolm Friday, February 1, 2008 at 11:22:00 AM CST  

Thanks for posting this. I am 23 and just starting to really learn about economics and Distributism and Catholic socio-economic thought. It baffled me that almost everyone I speak to who is over 18, has a significant amount of credit card debt and the think it is a good thing. Another thing that amazes me is how ficticiously some people live their lives, they have no back up plan in case the power goes out, which is one thing I like to say, what would you do if you had no electricity, and the grocery stores stopped having food? It is plausible if we keep going down this road.

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