Via our colleague at The Western Confucian, we have this report - dated May 9th - from Stephanie Hanes of the pro-globalist Christian Science Monitor.

The people of the Congo - formerly Zaire - are now taking to planting small urban gardens, so as to supplement their diet and ease the threat of food shortages. Some are so successful at this, they sell their excess and are able to improve their lives. With more people worldwide living in cities than in the country, the need for safe, reliable food supplies are critical.

Ideas like urban gardens and CSAs - "community-serviced agriculture" - are gaining popularity and strength worldwide. The poor and middle classes work together to grow their own food locally, reducing dependence on imported or distant-grown produce.

Again, this is Distributism in action. No big government micro-management, no big business dominance. Such measures should be increased and supported as much as possible.

Congratulations to the Congo for setting a good example in urban gardening.


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