Via the controversial news and opinion website comes this article, dated May 7th, from the Sunday Times of London. It was reprinted in the newspaper The Australian, and written by Sarah-Kate Templeton.

The Optimum Population Trust (OPT), a so-called “environmental think tank” based in London, claims that families with three children or more pose a threat to the world’s environment.

Prof. John Guillebaud, co-chairman of the Trust, claims that “the greatest thing anyone in Britain could do to help the future of the planet would be to have one less child.” He further notes that they should “take the environment into account” when having another baby.

This is Malthusianism run amuck. As noted Monday on the Review, Red Chinese peasants are rebelling against Beijing’s forced abortion policy. Many others in the world will do likewise if such idiotic policies the OPT advocate were made law or enforced.

In a Distributist society, large families are welcomed and encouraged. The economic and political structure are so shaped as to support and empower large families. Babies are not seen as an “environmental threat” as groups like OPT claim they are.

The dictionary’s word for such idiocy is “prolephobia” or “an irrational fear of children”. The OPT and other of their philosophic ilk suffer from this disease of the soul. A Distributist society rejects such baseless despondency, which has it’s roots in denying God’s existence and guiding Providence in providing for large families.

Defy groups like the OPT, Planned Parenthood and the like. Defend and promote large families. Reshape your neighborhoods and home countries to support large families. Pray and work for a future Distributist Earth, free from the Chicken-Little nightmares plaguing the minds of the OPT.


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