This March 25th article comes from the news and opinion weblog The Energy Blog.

EER, an Israeli environmental company, further refining Russian techniques, has developed a process that turns low-level radioactive waste into both clean energy and inert byproducts. The process turns the waste, whether radioactive or municipal, into black, lava-like rock that can be used for road construction. The gas made from the process can be used to generate electricity.

Distributism believes in cleaning up the environment, but not going to the extremes of pro-globalists and pro-abortion “green” groups like Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund. Efforts like this one that both Russia and Israel developed can only help to both clean up the problem with both landfills and radioactive waste. According to the Energy Blog’s report, this has already been going on in the Ukraine since 2004 and with excellent results.

Congratulations to EER on it’s efforts. May they be replicated as widely as possible.


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