As reported in the neo-conservative WorldNetDaily and the Washington Times, the German government has hounded the nation’s handful of home schooling families. Under a 1938 provision passed during the Hitler dictatorship, the State is proclaimed the primary educator of children - not the parents. And this has been written into modern Germany’s constitution, the “Basic Law”, under Article Seven.

Historically, Distributism holds that the parents are the primary educators, not the State. It is also against compulsory education. After two World Wars and suffering under the Satanic regime of the Nazis, Germany still hasn’t learned about the evil of micro-managing lives.

The Review calls for a long-term effort to permanently repeal Article Seven of Germany’s Basic Law. It calls for ending persecution of home schooling families as well as alternative schools. On the alternative news website, there are calls for a boycott of German goods until Berlin leaves the home schoolers alone. We encourage such action.

We also call upon any German readers of the Review to begin working to repeal Article Seven, no matter how long it takes.


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