Small Biorefineries On the Horizon

This report, dated February 13th, is from J. C. Winnie writing for the left-wing environmental blog After Gutenberg.

His fellow blogger, under the name “TreeHugger”, wrote of a new project that would help turn garbage to energy on a small scale. Called a “tactical biorefinery”, this U.S. Army funded project would turn organic waste and garbage into energy. It’s expected that big farms will be the big users of these refineries, but they have potential for small scale use.

They have potential to reduce garbage amounts and generate electricity. Winnie and “TreeHugger” are cynical about this development, complaining that Federal dollars should have been used to develop more “green technology”. They are wrong to be cynical. With America being one of the world’s biggest importers of oil, the country needs to create new sources of fuel and energy generation. Better we have this for the general public than not at all. If they disagree, shame on them.

De-centralization is a key tenet of Distributist Thought. It applies as much to energy generation as to other areas of society. Greater and more localized energy generation, as well as conservation, will only benefit a future Distributist America - and that includes these “tactical biorefineries”.


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