In Zimbabwe, No Bread For The Poor

“Bread is now so expensive that only the rich can afford to eat it.”

Thus comments a picture caption sent via the controversial reporter Jan Lamprecht on the equally controversial website regarding Zimbabwe’s downward spiral.

Following that is a report from the pro-globalist BBC about the neo-Marxist dictatorship of Robert Mugabe. As readers of the Review know, we are against all forms of Marxism, contrary to what our Libertarian and neo-conservative detractors may think. No one would want to support a regime that now suffers from the world’s highest yearly inflation rate -- 1,593%!

And still neither the West nor the East will left a finger to get rid of this tyranny.

The West won’t because they don’t want the accusation of “racism” and “neo-colonialism” thrown at them.

The East won’t because they don’t attack their fellow Marxists in their quest for “global proletarian revolution”.

So along with the Fatima Consecration, Zimbabwe’s best hope is implementing Distributist principles into their country. De-centralizing their government and businesses from the ground-up. Protecting the traditional and extended family and fighting the Sexual Revolution in all it’s forms. Fixing their currency to - if possible - a multiple commodity basis. Exiting the UN, WTO, World Bank and African Union for good.

The insights that Belloc, Chesterton and their legitimate successors discovered can only help that poor nation. It can only suffer needlessly - and endlessly - if it does otherwise.


Athanasius Saturday, February 17, 2007 at 9:20:00 PM CST  

Rather than lift a finger, at Bono's request the wealthiest nations of the world gave Mugabe millions of dollars, which he promptly set up in a Swiss Bank Account. This is the whole problem of Africa. They are pawns in Capitalist and Marxist schemes. The problems there are because the Church retreated from that poor continent in the 60's, on account of the Spirit of Vatican II enlightening the Holy See. It was determined that "white" clergy should not be Bishops, and in fact should not be in Africa, so they just left while African priests were being trained and formed, and with the "white" priests also left the much of the money for the Church in that region which went to feeding the poor. This is why Islam and Socialism are resurgent and dominant in the continent.

Mugabe is like a Castro, or a Chavez, he is adored by liberals almost on account of his leftism in spite of the human suffering he inflicts. Forget not that the same people supported the Marxists in Spain, and applauded Stalin.

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