South Korean Small Shops Stand Together

This January 24th report by Hwang Young-jin from the South Korean newspaper JoongAng Daily tells of a group of small grocery store and market owners joining together to fight the increasing power and influence of the chain stores in their country.

Like in America, India, Mexico and other countries, the owners of mom-and-pop stores and traditional markets realize that the big stores and "big-box" chains like Wal-Mart are destroying their livelihood. They also destory a truly free-market economy by their size and predatory pricing.

Distributism believes in smashing the power of the chain stores, either by getting rid of them altogether or reducing their scope of influence. Individually we can help reach this goal by either not buying from big stores at all or only once in a while. We should buy from local markets whenever possible. Small shops and cooperatives must band together for their mutual survival, as well as educating the people about the benefits of buying from them.

The small shops and markets of South Korea are doing the right thing in joining forces to fight for their local economy and - though they may not know it - for a Distributist future for their country. May they succeed in their efforts. Let us encourage them to work hard and prosper in those efforts.


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