Wal-Mart Invades India

There are several reports coming out from the Associated Press, New York Times, Reuters and the French-based AFP that the infamous Wal-Mart is about to invade India via a new partner - the insurance, cellphone and electronics conglomerate Bharti Enterprises.

Even though the Wal-Mart colossus has pulled out of South Korea and Germany, and sales have declined for the first time in a decade, it still is bent on expanding in the birthplace of Hinduism.

About 97 of 100 retail stores in India are "mom and pop" neighborhood stores. National laws have protected them in the past, but two big loopholes have allowed Wal-Mart and their European rivals entry. As reported by the Times, Indian law allows non-Indian retails to operate in their country through franchisees, as well as invest their money in wholesale shops. As reported by the Times, the small retailers have refused in the past to go along with government attempts to organize themselves.

The Wal-Mart/Bharti partnership will have to deal with home-grown conglomerate rival Reliance, who's main business is energy, according to the AFP report. Reliance plans to open a total of 4,000 stores and supermarkets by 2011.

Of course, the infamous Communist Party of India (CPI) opposes Wal-mart's entry. But then, it is opposed to a market economy on principle, as well as trying to position itself as a champion of the poor...which it is not. They have no shame in using this threat to a true market economy for their goal of a Red tyranny in India.

These efforts by Wal-Mart/Bharti, Reliance and their European rivals in India must be fought tooth and nail. This is just another push for the globalists to destroy consumer choice and local economies.

Whether they like it or no, the small independent retailers there must band together for their survival and push these retail giants out. This is where India must defend it's pro-Distributist policies regarding the "mom and pop" stores. Let them form co-operatives of these stores in their provinces and regions, and learn efforts to smash chains like Reliance and the Bharti joint initiative.

Furthermore, action must be taken to reduce these two loopholes in Indian law, so that retail monsters like Wal-Mart will be choked out of India. Shrink these loopholes, and don't ever take "no" for an answer, no matter how long the effort.

Let not Distributism go down to defeat in the birthplace of Ghandi. Fight this Wal-Mart/Bharti venture as well as their rivals in India. No matter how long it takes, fight them for the survival of a true market economy in India. With God's help and Our Lady of Fatima's prayers, this worthy effort will help to bring forth - in the future - a Distributist India.


Iosue Andreas Sartorius Wednesday, November 29, 2006 at 7:24:00 PM CST  

I was happy to see the Wal-Mart down the street from me here in Pohang, South Korea pack up and leave.

My wife tells me that Koreans didn't like the store because of the low quality of many of its products.

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