Remnant Writer Praises The Review

Out of the blue, we've had a incredible positive review of the Review from R. J. Stove, who is executive editor of Oriens, a Catholic magazine affiliated with the Ecclesia Dei Society of Australia. Mr. Stove is also a Contributing Editor of The American Conservative magazine, of which former U.S. presidential candidate Patrick J. Buchanan is Editor Emeritus.

His article - written for the Spring 2006 edition - was reprinted by permission in The Remnant, America's oldest Traditional Catholic bi-weekly, edited by Michael Matt. The article was called "Should Catholics Blog?"

He believes most should not, and on this topic we will agree to disagree. However, he had some kind words to say about the Review. He notes that this weblog "exists specifically to uphold – and apply to modern political crises – the Chesterbelloc tradition."

He intends to cut down his blog reading in the future, save for a few he deems valuable. He especially held the Review in high esteem, saying:

"I shall continue to consult a very few even-tempered Catholic blogs, notably, for international news information which I cannot get elsewhere (but which I need)."

On behalf of all of us at the Review, I wish to thank Mr. Stove for his endorsement of this weblog in both Oriens and The Remnant. I hope we will continue to be worthy of such praise. We shall endeavor to improve and refine our analysis of American and world events from the Distributist position for all our readers everywhere.

Again, sir, thank you very much.


Stephen Heiner Tuesday, November 21, 2006 at 2:00:00 AM CST  


While I think that your work here is very praiseworthy and am a regular reader, the writer you refer to's article as a whole is problematic, filled with lacunas, and basically implies that we should all go back into our holes, and let the Washington Post and the Remnant give us all the news we need to know.

No thank you sir. You are in the middle of a paradigm shift in information.

I would tell our initialed writer to: "Get used to it, and get over yourself."

And he's welcome to call me anytime to hear me tell him that to his face, because I'm not hiding behind any cloak of anonymity.

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