Microbrews, The World and You

G. K. Chesterton - co-founder of Distributism - was a man who loved his beer and ale. He was an opponent of the Prohibition laws when they were in effect in 1920's America. He valued the old English pubs and their heady, hearty concoctions. Were he still among us today, he'd get a chuckle from reading this report from the left-wing news and opinion site Alternet.com called "How Microbrew Can Save The World".

Chris O'Brien, who writes for Foreign Policy In Focus, notes that small-scale homebrewing of beers and ales help to contribute to strengthening local economies. They also provide much needed competition to the five big brewing companies that currently control 41 percent of the world's demand for beer and ale. Such intrepid microbrewing operations deserve our respect and our total support. Distributism favors small businesses and co-operatives over big businesses. So backing the microbrews goes without saying.

By the way, Mr. O'Brien has recently written a book along the lines of his report. It's called Fermenting Revolution: How to Drink Beer and Save the World. Alas, not a Distributist work, for Mr. O'Brien's circles of influence are Socialist rather than Distributist. But God still works miracles and hope springs eternal. One never knows.....


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