Worker Co-op Conference in NYC

Part of the tenets of Distributist Thought is promoting and sustaining worker-owned and managed co-operatives. This helps the local community to get more involved in uplifting it's economy, and without the interference of either big government (Socialism) or big business (Capitalism).

The US Federation of Worker Cooperatives is holding it's "Second Conference for Workplace Ownership and Workplace Democracy" on the weekend of October 13-15th. There will be speakers and workshps on all aspects of worker co-ops, including how to start one's own in one's local neighborhood. Registrations, however, must be sent in by September 10th. So if you're interested in learning more about this, click on this link here.

And if any DR readers will be going there, please let them know you read about it in The Distributist Review. This will be a good opportunity to teach interested souls about Belloc, Chesterton and Distributism, as many who attend will be blinded to the evils of Socialism and Marxism. Thank you all in advance.

(Note: For Traditional Catholics, October 13th is the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, Portugal. Please continue to pray that the Pope and all the Bishops will carry out the Fatima Consecration soon.)


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