Germans Jail Homeschooling Mom

Originally posted via the weblog The New Crusade, posted by our DR collegue Jovan Wiesmiller, comes a report from the Canadian pro-life news website

A German law in effect since the Nazi era bans parents from homeschooling their children. The current government has invoked this law to arrest a Baptist woman exercising her right to teach her children. Her husband fled to Austria along with her children, seeking asylum. Austria's law are more family-friendly regarding homeschooling.

This is dictatorial, to say the least. This law must be repealed NOW, EU or no EU. As Jovan and the LifeSite links requests, send your polite but firm letters and calls of protest to the Germans embassies of your countries to demand justice for homeschoolers.

And we encourage our German readers to begin the process to repeal this Nazi-era law for good, no matter how long it takes. Thank you.


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