FCC Ordered Hush-Hush On Media Study

This report, filed September 17th and posted on the controversial news website Rense.com, is written by John Dunbar for the pro-globalist Associated Press.

A law professor at Michigan State University, who co-wrote a report in 2004 for the FCC, wrote to leftist Senator Barbara Boxer (Dem.-CA) that the agency ordered the destruction of every copy of the report. In it, the report found out that allowing media monopolization would only hurt local news coverage, among other results found.

De-centralizing ownership of the means of production and distribution - including information and entertainment - is a key tenet of Distributist Thought. The news that the FCC didn't want the public to know the study's results only adds fuel to the fire of calls for fighting monopolization of the media, whether by big government or big business. With media monster Clear Channel looking to possibly sell 72 of it's 1,200 owned stations, thanks to dwindling revenues and listeners, this should give the FCC seconds thoughts about it's past policies.

We should continue all efforts to decentralize ownership of all media outlets no matter what.


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