"Disaster Capitalism" Is Bad For America

This article, dated September 1st, is written by William Norman Grigg on his weblog Pro Libertate. Mr. Grigg is also senior editor of the John Birch Society's bi-weekly magazine The New American.

Grigg notes that four suburbs of Virginia surrounding Washington, D. C. are the "second wealthiest community in America". And yet, they produce no value-added goods for the local or national economy. They don't grow things, mine things or make things. They are mostly Federal government employees, with a median household income of $98,000 a year.

And they need to either keep tabs on potential disasters or threats to the government and the "public welfare" or create some out of thin air. Otherwise, they risk not getting the income they need to survive. But the average man and woman in this countries suffers as a result of such "protection". Read Grigg's article to find out more about it.

Distributism believes in small, localized government fixing problems when they need to be fixed, and opposes Big Government intrusiveness. Grigg's article is more evidence that it needs to be fought along with it's counterpart in Big Business.


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