Deep Thought's Distributist Primer

Thanks to our fellow poster Jovan Weismiller, here is a two-part primer on Distributism by the Atlanta-based blogger "Deep Thought".

Part One of the primer presents a brief background on the people and writings that have made up Distributist Thought over the decades. He also presents ten key ideas making up the core of such Thought.

Part Two of the primer explains in detail each of these ten ideas. He especially gives much thought on the problem of usury and how to deal with it.

And as a prelude to the primer, "Deep Thought" has an essay on Catholic Social Teaching, which undergirds much of Distributist Thought. It is called "We're All In This Together".

I know you will be educated and informed more fully than before about what we stand for and against. And then you'll put it into practice wherever in the world you read this. And many thanks to "Deep Thought" for writing this.


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