Uruguay Advances Toward Distributism

Via the weblog Ecodema.org we get an article about the concentration of co-operatives in Uruguay, the tiny country on the South Atlantic between Brazil and Argentina.

Both the left-wing Social Democrats and the center-right Christian Democrats of the country are united in promoting this primary tenet of Distributist Thought - "A participative and self-managed economy" as the Christian Democrats say as part of their party doctrine.

The only English-language link to this report speaks of the growth of "mutual aid housing co-operatives" in their country. The rest of the links are in Spanish.

This is excellent news. This can only help to further Uruguay down the road to economic and social stability. This will help to discourage the spread of Marxist agitation and globalist corporate agony in that country.

What is still needed is the vanquishing of anti-family forces and trends in Uruguay: those backing anti-Catholicism, contraception, abortion and the Sexual Revolution, racism, gun control, membership in the UN, World Bank and the WTO and so on.

Let us pray for the people of Uruguay, as well as do what we can to spread Distributism to them and all of Latin America. Translate the writings of Belloc and Chesterton and their legitimate successors, and bring them to the people. Encourage them to continue these positive trends toward a brighter, Christ-centered and Distributist future.

Bravo, Uruguay!


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