Chavez: An Economic Failure

This report, posted on August 20th in Venezuelan News and Views, points out that the "reforms" of the Chavez regime have been anything but. As the post notes, contracts for public works projects are going to pro-Chavez companies, rather than to whoever can do the work the best way possible. The business sector - especially the small business sector - is wary of the future under this regime, hence they are not hiring as many as they wish.

And the government has had to accept a "$3 dollar discount per barrel of oil" in it's trade with Red China, as reported on August 22nd in VCrisis.

Even the extreme left-wing "anarchist communists" are ripping into Chavez for "relegitimizing the state" and "selling out to neo-liberalism", as written in their essay "Venezuela, Socialism to the Highest Bidder" at

As we've reported in the past, the Chavez regime is nothing but bad news for Venezuelans. Contrary to what his supporters would have us believe, Chavez is not a good man, nor a good leader. With both Left and Right pointing out how he's strangling his homeland for the sake of his brand of Socialism, it is imperative that Venezuelans get rid of him.

Even more, it is imperative that they find out about Distributism, and put it into practice when Chavez finally does leave. What he is doing is not Distributist at all...period.


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