GM, Ford Workers Get the Boot

As presented on the MSNBC news website, and noted on the controversial website, the Financial Times of London reports that General Motors (GM) will shed about 25% of it's total "Blue-collar" workforce by the end of 2006.

About 30,000 workers will be leaving the automobile giant, taking advantage of a deal involving both early retirement and severance packages.

One of it's rivals, Ford, is also facing hard times as the Financial Times reports that 10,000 of it's workers also have accepted similar buyout deals. This is in addition to a boycott of it's products led by the American Family Association (AFA) to protest Ford's promotion of the so-called "homosexual marriage" agenda. As reported in their May 25th "ActionAlert", Ford stock value has gone down 13% since the boycott began.

Part of the problems these auto giants - including Chrysler - are undergoing stem from the fact they have grown too big over the years. With the elimination over the decades of rivals like Nash Motors, Durant Motors, Studebaker, AMC and DeLorean - as well as the crushing of potential rival Tucker Motors - the "Big Three" have had little to fear from domestic competition. This only gave the way for foreign rivals to meet the needs of the American driver.

Further, it never entered the minds of the Big Three to allow greater worker participation in both ownership and managment. In other words, the Distributist model of a car company never even occured to them. Hence, the current problems with GM and Ford, and both workers and economy are paying for them.

Pray for those being let go from these two car giants, as well as their families.


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