UAE Co-ops Forge Ahead

This article, dated May 5th, is written by Amira Agarib for the United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based newspaper Khaleej Times.

The capital city of Dubai celebrated it's 11th annual Cooperative Shopping Festival. The Chairman of the nation's Consumer Cooperative Union called for co-ops to, according to the report, "keep pace with globalisation and capitalise on the advantages of e-commerce."

Furthermore, the Chairman - Dr. Suleiman Al Jassim - reminded all that the yearly festival was held
to "spread awareness about the cooperative movement in the country, protect the consumer from inflation and substandard products and display quality products of choice under one roof."

Wouldn't it be wonderful if ALL nations have this fundamental part of a Distributist society supported this well as it is in the UAE. It also keeps the nation's economy de-centralized and lessens the risk of terrorist activity by keeping economic and political bad times to a minimum.

Congratulations to the UAE for continuing to improve your country and working toward a Distributist future.


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