Henry Makow On Writing For the Internet

On another blog written months ago, there was a comment that the DR had "a lot of short posts", or words to that effect. Some people may see this as a flaw. So be it, God's Will be done.

But in these days of limited attention spans and deliberately dumbed-down minds - at least in the English-speaking world - one has to reach out to the average man in a manner he/she can understand and act upon.

To use a picture painted in words, so to speak.......

In Belloc and Chesterton's day, people thought in long sentences, paragraphs and essays.

In our day, people think in eight-second and ten-second "sound-bites" and bumber-sticker phrases.

So, to present Distributism to the general public - English-speaking and otherwise - we have to break it down into easily understood pieces. Given the decaying times we live and work in, it is our responsibility to teach all who are interested about Distributism in a manner that will avoid leaving them scratching their heads.

With that, here is a short article by controversial writer and author Dr. Henry Makow, inventor of the board game Scruples, called "The Key to Good Writing." We at the DR hope to always present the Distributist case and cause in print in good fashion.


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