Big Step For Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the world's poorest nations. But according to reports from their national press dated April 23rd, it looks like that country may be taking a huge step towards becoming a Distributist state.

According to both The Independent and the The Daily Star, Khaleda Zia - the country's prime minister - wants the various national co-operatives groups to work with the government to cut poverty in half by 2015. She returned to office during the last election there by pledging to work with the co-ops, and it looks like she is making good on her word.

Zia also notes that poor women and rural young people are also organizing undre the co-op banner. Among other government measures to be implemented, interest on agricultural loans up to a certain amount will be waived for farmers involved with co-op groups.

This is encouraging news. Economic and political misery can only breed chaos, terrorism and ruin. This move by the Zia government, along with a vibrant and growing co-op movement, can only benefit Bangladesh for the future.

Co-operatives are one of the backbones of a Distributist state. It looks like Bangladesh is taking a mighty stride toward becoming one, at least economically. They should be encouraged to continue and improve, and set an example for the other nations of the Indian subcontinent.

Belloc and Chesterton would be very pleased. Pray for Bangladesh.


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