Zimbabwe's Nightmare Continues

This report from the left-wing Associated Press, given via pro-globalist USA TODAY, tells of the ongoing tragedy in Zimbabwe. The neo-Marxist led regime of Robert Mugabe continues to devistate the people and their economy. Thanks to the lack of foreign currency, there is no money to buy fuel for even garbage collection.

And the weekly report from Cathy Buckle in the suffering country itself, sent via the news website Rense.com, tells of more farmers and milk producers thrown off their lands by government officials who wants their land. And this even after hunger and disease are increasing.

Still the West nor Russia and China will get rid of the Mugabe dictatorship. Russia and China won't, for he is one of them in promoting a Marxist world. The West won't, so as not to further accusations of "racism" and "recolonization".

So like so many other countries, Zimbabwe is caught between a rock and a hard place. Only a new government committed to God-centered and Distributist principles can help fix the nation for the better.

Pray for Zimbabwe, for only Our Lord and Mary Immaculate can help them now.


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