Give Help for New Orleans

The news coming in from both so-called "mainstream" and alternative media sources report that New Orleans is all but splattered from the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

This report from Brett Martel of the left-wing Associated Press, given via Yahoo News, tells of Louisiana's governor ordering refugees out of the city. Two levees broke and flodded water into the city, which itself is under sea level to begin with. It is estimated that 80 % of the city is underwater! The city of 480,000 has no drinkable water, and electricity is expected to be out for literally weeks!

As Mr. Martel reported, the winds of Katrina smashed into the area for 8 hours, along with an estimated 15 inches of rainfall.

Biloxi, Mississippi was also hard hit by the hurricane.

In both cities, looters ransacked stores and casino boats. Martial law was declared in two parishes in the New Orleans area ("parishes" are the equivalent of counties in Louisiana).

This earlier report from the French-based AFP, also brought via Yahoo News, also reported of submerged highways and washed-out bridges. As reported by the neo-conservative news giant WorldNetDaily, damage from this storm will vary between US$9 and $16 billion.

This page from the globalist BBC has reports from people who have survived the destruction caused by Katrina. Reading it is heartbreaking.

There is a report from New Orleans City Business, given via the alternative/conspiracy news outlet Propaganda Matrix, that the US Army Corps of Engineers - as far back as February - noted there were many projects needed for hurricane protection that were not being funded by the Federal government.

The cable network MSNBC said that the flood waters would turn the city into a "toxic cesspool".

AS reported by Alan Sayre of the Associated Press, given via the New Orleans info website, 95% of Gulf of Mexico daily oil rpoduction was shut down because of Katrina. Over 4 1/2 million barrels of oil and over 25 billion cubic feet of natural gas has been held up from reaching customers thanks to the hurricane. Because of this, oil futures went up to - acoording to some reports - either $70 or $71 a barrel.

So, in light of all this misery and disaster, we at the DR encourage you to check out the legitimate charities asking for help so as to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Go to the webpage of the group Network For Good to find out more.

And please continue to pray for the people suffering thanks to Katrina.

Our Lady of Prompt Succor, pray for us.


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