Vitamin Takers Under Attack

This frightening column is from veteran American paleo-conservative writer and author Alan Stang, and put on the news and opinion website

Thanks to both Democrat and Republican agreement to entrance into the World Trade Organization, vitamin suppliment standards are - as of June, 2005 - to be reduced to ineffective levels. This is an outrage. And as usual, the so-called "mainstream" American media - both liberal and neo-conservative - have been silent about it. The globalist fanatics running both major parties, as well as their friends in the Big Pharmacy and Big Medicine lobbies, will benefit by this...but at our expense.

Both financially and physically.

There are three bills before the US House of Representatives dealing with this issue. Only one, HR 1146, would help to stop this move to restrict public access to vitamin and mineral suppliments. We encourage our American readers to read Mr. Stang's column, and contact their Congressmen accordingly. And soon...VERY SOON!

There is also an allied group Mr. Stang mentions, the British Alliance for Natural Health. It wil challenge this ruling against vitamin takers before the neo-Marxist World Court in The Hague. We suggest both American and foreign readers of the DR to contact the Alliance, and find out what help they need and assist them.

Thank you.


Unknown Wednesday, March 16, 2005 at 8:49:00 AM CST  

Alan Stang Rocks!!

Ok, ok he is my dad.

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