Sacramento Says No to Wal-Mart

This report, written by Terri Hardy, comes to us from the Lodi News-Sentinel of Lodi, California.

The Sacramento City Council - not known to be anything close to the anti-family secular Leftist government in San Francisco or Los Angeles - has voted without opposition to limit or outright ban "big box" type superstores
from opening up in their city. "Big box" stores like Wal-Mart, Target and such draw business away from smaller competitors, reducing competition and thus eliminating jobs. The ordinance demands surveys and studies on how such an opening of a "big box" store would affect the local economy and tax base.

This is a good step from the city council in protecting small businesses and grocery stores from monsters like Wal-Mart. No doubt the superstore behemoth will challenge it in court, but we hope and pray their challenge will fail. This is Distributism in action, fighting big business without big government stepping in to worsen the mess.

Again, congratulations to Sacramento.


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