- Endangered species: US programmers - Endangered species: US programmers:

"Some experts think they'll become extinct within the next few years, forced into unemployment or new careers by a combination of off-shoring of their work to India and other low-wage countries and the arrival of skilled immigrants taking their jobs."

It is estimated that 100,000 American programmers are unemployed with many more being underemployed, yet many corporations are clamoring to increase the cap H-1B visas so more foreign programmers can be employed. A group called The Programmers Guild is trying to resist the proposed increase.

Remember in the seventies and the eighties that union workers were told to accept the loss of manufacturing jobs because your children will be programming computers. Well the end is near for the profession in the United States. Many schools are dropping their computer majors (University of Dallas for instance) because of the dim prospect of jobs for the profession.

this because nowadays people are told to have their sons and daughters study molecular genetics in hope for jobs their. But how soon will these jobs simply be sent overseas, too.

We are rapidly becoming a country of Wal-Mart and McDonald's employees. Let no one be dismayed when ten or fifteen years from now Wal-Mart announces that it's employees are being replaced by robots.

The solution to this problem is distributism. As long the morality of the marketplace is the norm for business we will continue to see more of jobs taken overseas or replaced by technology.


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