New Use For Old Spuds

This Associated Press article, dated September 20th, comes from the Daily News of Bangor, Maine. With potatoes fetching low prices on the market, and demand for high-quality spirits on the increase in the US, this Maine farmer wants to turn much of his potato crop into micro-brewed vodka.

Hoping to start production this spring, the company - called Maine Distilleries - would only be the second vodka distillery in America creating vodka from potatoes. The idea had been floating around local potato farmer circles fora long while, but now looks valid because of advances in hand-crafting spirits. They are aiming for the high-price, high-quality market vodka buyers.

Chesterton and Belloc were beer and wine drinkers, but I am sure they would approve of this type of micro-brewed spirit competing with the big distillers in the industry. If all goes well, Lord willing, Maine Distilleries should have a fine future, and they - and other small businesses and co-ops like them - should get all our support.


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